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Our trainer will correct when you speak wrong and also effort to exercising of right pronunciation. Our trainer will make you aware of all mother tongue influence you might be having and make correction on regular basis which help you to minimize and then easily eliminate it. Please note that mother tongue influence is a chronic problem so you have to make extra effort except class and trainer then possibly it eliminates.
Our assessment specialist trainer will conduct a spoken English assessment just as you join the course, before start of actual class. Assessment test time will be chosen by you in some options provided by us, after enrolled in any of our course. Our assessment specialist trainer will call you at your chosen time.
Our Trainer teaches you grammar by speaking exercises through phone. They don’t enforce you to memorize rules but we already have speaking exercises to every grammar concept which need to be taught to you and by practicing your ability will develop to use that particular grammar concept in you communication easily.
Since our English spoken class happens on call so you may attend the class from anywhere, where you could be comfortable to listen, speak and understand.
Learning English by phone is easier, time saver, faster and economics because you can join the class from anywhere by phone only. Class cancelation probability get reduces as you may go anywhere just carry the mobile phone and can join the class easily from any silent place.
Yes, of course feasible since we conduct the classes by very expert professional they provides more than 10 times practice than any regular class-room practices. So the all the errors could be corrected by the trainer at the time of it arises. This is the reason that you will be expert English speaker and a best communicator within the course duration only.
Our trainer will send you vocabulary study sheets through email and will guide you on call that how to read this study material and practice some exercises. By reading and practicing your vocabulary power will rise up.

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